Day Six of Sixteen
Miles Traveled: 366

Alright, Day 6. Knowing that Justin needed to be at Sea-Tac by 4:30 in order to catch his flight to Wisconsin and that he wanted to stop at Pike’s Place first we knew we had to be quick. After some of us showered for a second time that morning (not knowing when our next chance to bathe would be), we headed off towards Portland. Unfortunately we couldn’t stop here because of our tight schedule, but from what we could see from the freeway and what we’ve heard it’s an awesome city and we’re definitely going to make a return trip to see everything we missed in Oregon.

We did however, stop briefly for Jared to get brunch his his Grandma near a Love’s Truck Stop where we got more diesel and had the opportunity to weigh the bus at some trucker scales. To our amazment she came in a a whopping 17,700lbs (BIG GIRL!). We’ve definitely driven over some bridges around the Newport Back Bay at home that were weighted for less than at…so we won’t be doing that too many more times.

The bus gets weighed for the first time since purchase

With a full tank of gas, air in the tires, and food in our stomachs we left Portland to cross the entire state of Washington with hopes to get Justin to Pike’s before he had to go to the airport. With no stops, we were on the outskirts of the city with an hour before check-in. It was at this point that we probably got the worst navigation mess of the trip. Navigating in both Google Maps and Justin yelling Waze instructions at Jared, resulting in missing turns, and taking a few wrong ones. Somehow we ended up on the other size of the harbor before realizing we somehow got lost. By the time we got into town Justin had exactly 15 min to spend at Pike’s before having to head to the airport. So we dropped him off in the middle of the busiest intersection I’ve ever been in and he ran into the market singing songs of clam chowder.

Wish Justin sorted out we found our selves a TIGHT downtown area in Seattle at rush hour. Lanes so small there was literally one inch between the the sides of the bus and other cars/busses/trollies on either side. We also only had an hour to make it to The Museum of Fight at the Boeing factory before it closed. We quite literally squeezed out of downtown, grabbed our cameras, and ran into the museum. With only half an hour left in their day they didn’t seem to mind us walking right passed the ticket booth and inside without buying tickets.

Zach’s Mecca. The museum was actually awesome; planes on display inside that ranged from the Wright Brothers’ era to planes from within the last decade. Really, really awesome stuff. Definitely didn’t have enough time to see the place, but took enough picture to say we’ve been there. There were whole wings of the museum that we didn’t have the chance to see before they closed.

We left The Museum of Flight and got back in the bus to figure out a game plan for the rest of our night. After some deliberating we decided to see some of the Seattle sites, get dinner, and head up to Vancouver to get a jumpstart on our time in Canada.

After some deliberating on Trip Advisor and RV forums, we figured out that best/easiest place to park in town was at the city zoo. So we found a “Bus Only” spot in their lot (we count right?) and caught an Uber towards the space needle.

We realized that the Experience Music Project Museum was still open for another half hour. We repeated our process and proceeded on to our free 30-minute museum trial. What an awesome museum! We checked out exhibits on Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Indie Gaming, and rock music. Well the trial worked because all of agreed that we would come back and pay the (rather high) fee to see the rest of the museum.

After the museum we mucked around Seattle City Center for a while, took a picture of the space needle, and found out we weren’t gonna be able to get into the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum for free so we headed towards to water.

Just in time to watch another gorgeous sunset, we walked south towards downtown trying to yelp a place to eat dinner on the way.

We settled on a very highly rated bar called “Some Random Bar” that looked like it had some delicious food. It was also described as “where all the Amazon guys hang out” with the Amazon headquarters nearby.

After sharing some crab nachos, pork belly sliders, and steak tartare and trying some rather unique drinks we Uber’d back to the bus to get on the road to Vancouver. Canadian border patrol was rather confused by the bus, asking questions like “Why do you own this?” and “Are you a band?”, no trouble though. We drove another hour north ending up in North Vancouver at our first Walmart parking lot. We decided there was no point in getting a hotel since it was 2am we wanted to get an early start the next day. Canada tomorrow!