Now with all the hard stuff out of way, time to put the thing to good use. We set out to plan basically the most comprehensive and destination packed two week road trip we could think of (praise be to Furkot trip planning software). Here is a brief photo summary of some of the places we planning on stopping. Morro Bay Big Sur Portland Seattle Vancouver Glacier National Park Yellowstone National Park Grand Teton National Park Steamboat Springs, CO Moab, UT
Over the last 15 months the bus was slowly transformed into what we like to call a “living room on wheels”. Key features include: Once pristine wood laminate flooring 2 Full Size Sofas Solar Generated AC power 40″ LCD Television New speakers and stereo w/ sub-woofer (gotta bump) Backup Camera Kitchenette with working sink and mini fridge Fresh paint (a never ending additive process) and a new drivers seat for added comfort With all these changes done we were able to re-register the bus as an RV, thus making it street legal for anybody drive aka we will hit people aka lamar. View (way) more photos from the conversion process here.
It’s awe-inspiring what one can buy from a public auction website. At least we were surprised when we discovered that a 1998 Blue Bird TC-1000 short bus could be had for less than 5 grand. Surprised enough, in fact, that one week later we were behind the wheel of a rental car speeding toward Apache Junction School District headquarters just outside Phoenix.   Less than 10 minutes before they closed we pulled into the lot and were handed the keys to our “new” pride and joy by the transportation supervisor, who wasn’t nearly as excited as we were. He probably assumed we had plenty of experience driving buses; confidence that quickly dissipated as we asked him every stupid question imaginable. And with that, we were off…but this time we weren’t speeding anywhere. With Justin passed out between two seats, I put the pedal to the metal and rattled our dusty little gem into…Continue Reading
The glorious 1998 BlueBird TC1000 has a few nice features that should be highlighted. This 25ft class c “handi-bus” is powered by an inline 6 Cummins 5.9L 24V ISB Diesel f-beast, according to some random stats pulled from Wikipedia it makes about 215 HP, and around 420 Lb-ft of torque. Connecting this power to the rear wheels is a Allison AT545, 4 forward gears, and apparently also some sort of reverse action. Helping make some (read: most) of that torque is the Holset HX35W turbocharger. How much boost it is making, who knows. we should probably install some sort of boost gauge. We decided that we wanted some of the heat from the turbo to actually, you know, stay in the turbo – so we ended up purchasing a sketch Chinese brand turbo blanket. For the price it worked incredibly well.